A Game Plan for your Financial Health

As we are going through this unprecedented time in our country with the coronavirus, many people are very scared and worried about their health. Also, many are worried about their finances. I have put together and will continue to post many of the common financial questions and concerns people are having with their finances, to help relieve some of their stress. Remember, we can only control what we can control. Without your health and happiness, your money is irrelevant. – BRIAN GILDER CFP®

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Brian Gilder – Author, Keynote Speaker & Motivational Thinker

From Keynote and Motivation Speaking for the Financial Industry to publishing many well known books, Brian Gilder has been the go-to resource for truly understanding finance. Reach out to Brian Gilder today if you would like him to motivate your team members, speak at your event or even if you have questions about finance in general.

Brian Gilder – Not Your Average CFP®

Certified Financial Planner Brian Gilder has found a way to make understanding financial strategy easy. In fact, he says if you know how to play sports like football and baseball and basketball — and if you enjoy watching sports — you are well on your way to understanding how to manage your money and plan for your financial success. Gilder has come up with a financial advice sports connection.

Brian Gilder has been a go-to financial correspondent for K-CAL TV 9 and ABC-7 in Los Angeles as well as KFWB and KABC radio.

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The Financial Coach

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The Financial Coach

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